Study Material

Sl. No. Title Paper Download
1.Psychology Coursepack New1st Paper Psychology Coursepack.pdf
2.Lecture Presentation-Educational Measurement and Evaluation New9th PaperLecture Presentation-Educational Measurement and Evaluation.pdf
3.Evaluation Scheme-Marks Distribution NewFor All Evaluation Scheme-Marks Distribution.pdf
4.Lecture Presentation-Attitude Scale New9th PaperLecture Presentation-Attitude Scale.pdf
5.Lecture Presentation-Adolescents’ High Risk Behavior New1st PaperLecture Presentation-Adolescents’ High Risk Behavior.pdf
6.Lecture Presentation-Theories of Motivation New1st Paper Lecture Presentation-Theories of Motivation.pdf
7.Lecture Presentation-Scales of Measurement New9th PaperLecture Presentation-Scales of Measurement.pdf
8.Lecture Presentation For-Eriksaons Theory New1st PaperLecture Presentation For 1st Paper-Eriksaons Theory.pdf
9.Lecture Presentation-Child Development-Themes, Theories, and Methods New1st PaperLecture Presentation For 1st Paper-Child Development-Themes Theories and Methods.pdf
10.Lecture Presentation-Piagets Theory New1st PaperLecture Presentation For 1st Paper-Piagets Theory.pdf
11.Lecture Presentation (Science)-Biodiversity And Pollution New7th PaperLecture Presentation For 7th Paper (Science)-Biodiversity And Pollution.pdf
12.Model Seminar in Science By Trainee (Monalisa Zaman) New7th PaperModel Seminar in Science (7th Paper) By Trainee (Monalisa Zaman).pdf
13.Lecture Presentation-Test and Measurement New9th PaperLecture Presentation-Test and Measurement.pdf
14.Lecture Presentation-Theories of Cognitive Learning New3rd PaperLecture Presentation-Theories of Cognitive Learning.pdf
15.Instructional Objectives New7th PaperInstructional Objectives.pdf
16.Intelligence Theories New1st Paper Intelligence Theories.pdf
17.Evaluation in Science(Reliability-Valiidity) New9th PaperEvaluation in Science(Reliability-Valiidity).pdf
18.Achievement Testing New9th PaperAchievement Testing.pdf
19.Lecture Presentation-Evaluation in Science New7th PaperLecture Presentation-Evaluation in Science.pdf
20.Child Development New1st Paper Child Development.pdf
21.Lecture Presentation-Psychological Tests New3rd PaperLecture Presentation-Psychological Tests.pdf
22.Lecture Presentation-Computer Assisted Instruction New7th Paper Lecture Presentation-Computer Assisted Instruction.pdf
23.Lecture Presentation-Direct and Indirect Instruction New7th PaperLecture Presentation-Direct and Indirect Instruction.pdf
24.Lecture Presentation-Gestalt Theory New3rd PaperLecture Presentation-Gestalt Theory.pdf
25.Lecture Presentation-Teaching Science - Challenges and Opportunities New7th PaperLecture Presentation-Teaching Science - Challenges and Opportunities.pdf
26.e-Book-Practicum- Leading Action Research in Teacher Education New9th Papere-Book For 9th Paper-Practicum- Leading Action Research in Teacher Education.pdf