From Monday to Friday: 10-30a.m to 5-00 p.m.

Saturday: 10-30a.m to 3-00 p.m.


The following are entitled to enroll themselves as members:

Students of the college / Both teaching and non-teaching staff of the college / Ex-students (alumni)

To get enrolled as a member, a person shall fill and sign enrollment form (only for alumni). He/ she shall get it recommended from the principal of the college.


  1. All members shall be admitted into the library. Membership identity card will be shown at the counter when requested. Every member shall enter his/her name and membership number in the Reading Room Register.
  2. A person, who is not member will be admitted into the library only by special permit to be issued by the librarian.
  3. Sticks, umbrella, boxes and other belongings shall be left at the property counter. Personal books will be allowed only by issuing gate pass from the library staff.
  4. Silence shall be strictly observed in the library.
  5. Spitting and smoking are strictly prohibited.
  6. No person shall damage or disfigure books or other property of the library. A member shall have to replace such books or other property damaged or injured or make payment for the value there of.
  7. Members must swithch off their mobile phones before entering into the library.


(a) Student 02 books for 15 days
(b) Teaching staff including librarian 20 books for 01 month
(c) Part-time teacher 05 books for 01 month
(d) Non-teaching staff 05 books for 01 month


After allowing the membership, library cards are issued to the members of the library. The students receive two type of cards - One is 'Lending Card' and another is 'Reference Card'. The first card is used for home lending and the second card is used for day lending for the Reading Room.


A member who loses a library card shall make a written report to the librarian. A duplicate card shall be issued on payment of fee of Rs.10/- (ten) for each duplicate card after a lapses of two weeks from the date of such a notice.

Members shall be responsible for the misuse of library card(s).


  1. Before entering Reading Room the member must sign the Register with arrival time.
  2. To know the library collection, a member may consult library catalogue; either in physical format or in digital format. The strategy of print catalogue search is given in written and pictorial pattern (kept on catalogue cabinet). And the strategy of digital catalogue search is given at the end portion of this bulletin (moreover a pictorial chart is kept on each computer desk). After completion of catalogue search a member will proceed to fill the 'Requisiton Slip' to borrow a book from the library.
  3. A Borrower shall fill up "Requisition Slip" properly to borrow a book for home issue from the library within 2-30p.m. and deposit it to the circulation counter. The required book(s) will be issued from 3-30 p .m.
  4. Reading Room issue will be done till 4-15p.m. from Monday fo Friday and till 2-30p.m. on Saturday.
  5. Borrowers must satisfy themselves about the physical condition of the books before borrowing. Otherwise they shall be held responsible for any damage or mutilation noticed at the time of returning.
  6. Reference books, rare books, periodical publications are not ordinarily issued on loan.
  7. All books on loan shall be returned at the expiry of a fortnight from the date of issue for students, one month for Teaching and Non-Teaching staff.
  8. Books in special demand may be lent for a shorter period as decided by the librarian.
  9. Loan may be terminated at any time by the order of the librarian.
  10. An over dues charge of 50paise per volume per day shall be charged if a book is kept beyoud the period of loan
  11. Members who repeatedly fail to return books on due date will lose the privilege of membership of the library.
  12. A book on loan may be reserved for borrowing by others by filling up a be-speaking card.
  13. Both Loan Card and Reference Card are not transferable.
  14. The computer will be used for the digital catalogue search (OPAC), internet search (regarding studies) and project preparation relating to B.Ed, course only.
  15. One member is allowed maximum half an hour in a day for computer use.
  16. Before using computer the concern member must sign the Register and note the computer use on the Remarks column.
  17. After entering into the Reading Room he/she must fill up the 'Requistion Slip' (kept on Circulation Table) by mentioning the time for beiginning the computer use and deposit it in Circulation Section with his/her 'Reference Card'.
  18. A member may use his/her pen drive / CD.; but before opening it must be scanned with antivirus software (installed in computer system).
  19. A library member may use computer collectively sharing with other members, but not more than three.
  20. Both the library cards of present students are to be returned at the end of the session and the 'LIBRARY CLEARANCE CERTIFICATE' should be collected.


  1. The best library users (one from male trainees and one from female trainees) of the session will be felicitated by the college library and their names will be published in the college magazine every year.
  2. A member, who infringes rules, shall be liable to forfeit his privilege of admission to & borrowing of books from the library.
  3. The cases of misbehaviour or discourtesy by the staff or unwillingness to provide service shall be reported to the librarian immediately.


The library Sub-Committee Comprizes of the following members:

Dr. Rajib Mukhopadhyay, Principal Ex-officio, Chairman
Pankaj Kumar Jana, Librarian (SI. Gr.) Ex-Officio, Convener
Prof. Dr. Amit Majumder Member
Prof. Dr. Malabika Biswas Roy Member
Mr. Padmaksha Mitra Member
Students' Representative (S.R.) Member

The Functions of the library Sub-Committee are as follows:

a) To make proper 'Library Rules and Regulations'
b) To improve and upgrade the condition of the library and information centre of the college as per requirement.
c) To take steps for proper utilisation of grants (from U.G.C., State Govt. etc.)
d) To take proper steps for technical jobs of the library.
e) To determine principles for purchasing books and journals.
f) To resolve any grievance in using library by the trainees and staff of the college.
g) To take steps for improving reading habit among the trainees.

At A Glance (As On March,2014)

Librarian Mr. Pankaj Kumar Jana
Qualification Double MA, B.Ed., MLISc, NET qualified

Philosophical Guiding Principles

(Propounded by S.R. Ranganathan)

(A) Documents are for use
(B) Every user his/her document
(c) Every document its user
(D) Save the time of the user
(E) Library is a growing organism

Description of Floor Area

Library Office 200sq. ft.
Stack Room 575 Sq. ft.
Reading Room 780 Sq. ft.
Toilet 165 Sq.ft.

No. of Collection

Books Text: 12055, Reference : 214
Journals 07+ Member of N-List
Magazines 05
E-Documents 45 CD/DVD
Audio Material(s) 31 Tape Recorder with audio cassettes
Audio-visual material(s) 01 TV. with DTH connection

Users of Library

(A) Trainees of current Session
(B) Alumni of the College
(c) Teaching Staff of the college
(D) Non-Teaching Staff of the college

Library Hours

(A) Monday to Friday: 10-30a.m. to 5-00p.m.
(B) Saturday: 10-30a.m. to3-00p.m.

Access System Followed

(A) Close access system followed for Trainees and alumni
(B) Open access system followed for faculties and other staff of the college

Library Card

(A) Loan Card (used for Home issue)
(B) Reference Card (used for Reading Room Issue)

Classification Scheme Followed:

Dewey Decimal Classification (19th ed.)

Cataloguing Code Followed :

Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules - II (AACR2)

Library Software Used :

LS Ease Library Management Software from LIBSYS

Catalogue Facility

(A) Card Catalogue
(B) Computerised Catalouge (OPAC)

Reading-Room Facility

(A) 32 Seating arrangement for current Trainees and Alumni
(B) 06 Seating arrangement for faculty and other staff of the college

Loan Privilege

Students 02 books for 15 days
Teaching Staff 20 books for 30 days
Contractual Teaching Staff 05 books for 30days
Non-teaching Staff 05 books for 30days
Alumni 02 books for 30 days

Service Provided

(A) Lending Service
(B) Reference Service
(C) Current Awareness Service (CAS)
(D) Bibliographic Service
(E) Newspaper-Clipping Service
(F) Career Guidance and Counselling Service
(G) INTERNET Service
(H) Referral Service

Career Guidance (Book Corner)

(A) The competition Success Review
(B) The Week
(C) All India Appointment Gazette
(D) Bibliographic Service
(E) Employment News
(F) Karmakshetra & Karmasangthan
(G) Books on NET, SET, SSC, S.I. etc.

No. Of Library Staff

(A) Librarian = 01
(B) Library Peon-01

Steps Taken For Optimum Utilization

(A) Library Orientation classes are taken for user education at the beginning of the session
(B) On -line Public Access Catalogue (OPAC)
(C) Book Exhibition
(D) Display of the list of New arrivals
(E) Establishment of LAN

Special Collection

(A) The Collected works of Mahatma Gandhi
(B) Rabindra Rachanabali
(C) Banglar Banaushodhi (Medicinal Plants)

Linkage With Other Libraries

(A) Institutional memberfor N-listfrom INFLIBNET.
(B) Institutional Membership taken from the British council Library, Kolkata

Maintenance Of The Library Collection

(A) Dust cleaning work done regularly
(B) Pest control works done twice in a year by a reputed company
(C) Physical Stock verification done every alternative year
(D) Binding of Books and journals done regularly.

Fire-fighting Equipments:

Two ABC (5kg) type fire-extinguisher (ISI Mark), one located at Reading Room and another at the Library office

Funds Available

(A) U.G.C. Grants
(B) State Govt. Grants
(C) College Fund

Extension Activities

(A) Book Exhibition - Cum-sale Programme
(B) Publicaition of Library Bulletin

Internet Facilities

(A) Two computers provided for the students
(B) Two computers provided for the library staff
(C) Provided Broadband connection (10Mbps)from BSNL

Future Plan

(A) To provide open access for students in near future
(B) To provide fully automated library services
(C) To provide networking facilities with other libraries
(D) To provide Reprographic Service permanently
(E) Emphasis to be given on the observation of 'Library Day' (i.e. 20th December, every year)