Study Material

Sl. No. Title Paper Download
1.Critical understanding of ICT NewEPC-3Sem4ictSem4.pdf
2.Pedagogy of Science (Semester-II) Course 1.2.7 New1.2.7SemIISC-1.2.7 (Semester-II)-Study Material.pdf
3.LEARNING DESIGN New1.2.7Acg1.pdf
4.LEARNING DESIGN New1.2.7Acg2.doc
5.Drama and art in education Newepc-2sem 2-EPC 2-colour.pdf
6.e-Book-Practicum- Leading Action Research in Teacher Education New9th Papere-Book For 9th Paper-Practicum- Leading Action Research in Teacher Education.pdf
7.Model Seminar in Science By Trainee (Monalisa Zaman) New7th PaperModel Seminar in Science (7th Paper) By Trainee (Monalisa Zaman).pdf
8.Lecture Presentation-Scales of Measurement New9th PaperLecture Presentation-Scales of Measurement.pdf
9.Evaluation Scheme-Marks Distribution NewFor All Evaluation Scheme-Marks Distribution.pdf
10.Psychology Coursepack New1st Paper Psychology Coursepack.pdf